Treatment for Pain


Doctors Who Take Time to Understand Your Pain

Our pain management specialists take extensive time to understand your pain and how it effects you as a whole person. Our focus is on designing the right treatment for pain for each of our patients. We want to get you back to living your life.

Treatments and procedures are tailored to improving your everyday function and reducing the physical and emotional effects of pain. To achieve the best outcomes, we use proven interventional techniques and empower our patients through education about their conditions and care.

“SaS has improved my pain. I am able to have more mobility each day and am working on a 5 mile walk.”

–SaS Pain Management Patient MH, Age 71

Our Most Common Procedures & Treatments:

Conditions We Treat:

Joint pain concept
  •  Epidural steroid injections
  •  Facet joint injections
  •  Botox treatment for migraines
  •  Botox to treat spasticity
  •  Joint aspirations (fluid removal)
  •  Joint injections
  •  Nerve blocks
  •  Platelet rich plasma injection (PRP)
  •  Sacroiliac joint injection
  •  Trigger point injections

Neck or back problems due to:

Herniated disc

Spinal stenosis

Facet Syndrome


Discogenic back pain

Sij dysfunction

Spinal compression fractures

Myofascial pain

Nerve pain due to:


Carpal tunnel syndrome

Pinched nerve

Joint pain from:

Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

All joint pain: shoulder, wrist, hands, fingers, hip, knees, ankle, and toes

Spasticity from:

Cerebral palsy



Brain injury

Spinal cord injury

Headaches from:


Tension headaches

Cluster headaches