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Effective Treatment for Pain Starts with the Right Diagnosis

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Pain can interfere with your ability to take care of yourself, work, and even take time away from your family.

In today’s health care system, it’s hard to find a pain management doctor who cares enough to spend the time required to make an accurate diagnosis. At Sports & Spine Pain Management, we help you to take control of your pain through a strong partnership between you and your physician, advanced treatment options, and a focused patient education program.

Good pain management practices and treatment for pain can improve your everyday function and your overall quality of life. Learn more about our Approach to Pain Management and our Treatment Options.

Dr. Hyon Schneider

Dr. Hyon Schneider

Pain Management Specialist
Board Certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Specializes in sports medicine, electro-diagnostic medicine, and interventional pain medicine

SaS Pain Management is led by Dr. Hyon Schneider, a board certified and fellowship-trained pain management specialist. She trained in the prestigious Interventional Spine and Sports Medicine Program at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. Her publications include journal articles and book chapters on the topics of rehabilitation medicine and pain management.

Dr. Schneider is a compassionate person who pays detailed attention to her patients’ pain in the context of life function. She speaks English, Spanish, and Korean fluently.

What sets Dr. Hyon Schneider apart from her colleagues?


When you seek care from Dr. Schneider, you will get her undivided time and attention. Taking the time to listen to you and review your medical history is what you can expect when you become her patient.


Dr. Schneider has the knowledge and tenacity to get to the root of your pain. With her specialized education and training, she has the ability to offer diagnostic testing and procedures that not only diagnose your pain, but may reduce and alleviate your pain.


Human beings are unique, and we all experience pain differently. Dr. Schneider acknowledges that you may have a unique response to the pain you are feeling and understands the struggles that coincide with living daily with pain.

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